Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yet I Chose to Be Free from You

It was a random day yet I can’t throw the plastic cup with a little bit of lemonade left.
A colourful day at last, after so many greys that I can’t even tell them apart.
Sea, randomness, awkwardness and thoughts.
Today I’m not wondering about you.
I’m under the sun singing and building castles in the sky without you chasing them away.
This is beyond the point of giving up.
I won’t look back in anger.
I'm on the swing again.
Am I getting the restrictions without the benefits?


  1. I love this Menna, so positive! <3

  2. I LOVE YOU MENNA! U R so positive! Kinda takes the edge of my wanting to crush something..


  3. I wanted her to pen these words..
    It was a sadist's way to feel his existence..

    But I guess my atrocities pushed her through this state such quickly.. She dint have time to live this phase..