Friday, December 18, 2009

Inspire Me Back Home.

Now, a perfect moment to reflect. While the memory is still fresh in my mind.
What could be more comfortable?
The Ruby sunset on a highway.
Millions of thoughts floating around.
Cold wind blowing my hair into shape and my thoughts out of my head.
His skin and my scent.
Now is all I know and care about.
No explanations, no whispers, just colours…….lots of them.
And tomorrow it is all gone. I’m all busy and she gives him the attention he deserves.
I fool around till yet another perfectly coloured day.
My lips are still wet and my head is full of dreams undreamt.
The illusion of him rests for a while and I wait until the wait is over.
I dream about having my own space with no restrictions.
I think about my muse, my soul-mats, my friends, and my social circle just to keep myself from thinking about my own problems.
A warm phone call and a promised to a secured future end my day.
We talk of fantasies and desires not of facts and information.
Dare to drift into my land. Dig my diamonds, name the stars shinning in my sky, explore what’s beneath my waters and reveal what whispers my air carries around.


  1. would seem from that last post that while The Song Still Remains the Same, there have been a boatload of folks asking the same question. of them actually looks like they are doin' somethin' about WHY............


  2. Listen to sting

    He knows what you're going through

    without him ever even meeting you

  3. because of your jumping through time and space keda