Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Judge Me....

Judge me because you know exactly what I’ve been through.
You know how many times I got my heart broken and how many times I broke hearts.
You know I lost two of the closest people to my heart at an early age, before I can absorb the concept of loss and how sometimes nothing can be a fair compensation.
You know I struggle to walk, just walk, in the streets of this city.
And of course you know how many times I get verbally or physically sexually harassed every day.
Judge me.
Because you can feel me, because you know how to reach for me.
Because you know I had to learn it the hard way.
Because you know where I am coming from and where I’m heading.
And of course you can see all the things I hate to see.
Judge me.
Because you know how many times I was let down.
How many times I got up and asked for more.
You know what I believe in and you know how much I embrace life no matter what.
And naturally you would know how it is not always about you.
Judge me, to feel better about your own miserable self.

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