Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Conversation II

"You make love songs sound naive and artless"
"It is "us" that make this both real and divine, not me alone neither you alone"
" I believe"

Will those blossoms last,
the serene house by the river?
Our vows, forgotten?
Drifting with the stream.
Shall darkness estrange us,
upon agony, will we walk?

Bitterness hindering,
the view of blossoms,
the river fades.

Shall our home remain,
where our peace and war lay.
Time, as the unknown
lose distance from me upon your sight
I wonder at the summer blossoms,
do flowers grow without pain?
I beg the moon to stay full,
for eternity.

Oh blossoms, if you stay
and the river never fades away

(In an attempt to translate Amel Donquol)