Thursday, October 21, 2010

وردية أحياناً

أنا أم الإله
و أنا ابنتك المدللة
وأنا كل الجوع و أنتَ كل الحنان
فى حياتنا سوياً كافة الاحتملات
ولا تلعب الأقدار دورها المعتاد
علمتنى غش القدر
علمتنى الشعر
و مغازلة القمر
تسبح بداخلى
و تخرج
صائحاً بلغة لم تُعرف قبلك
أنا لا أنتظر اعتراف
فأنا أعلم جميع الأشياء
أعلم ما تريد قوله و متى
أنتَ لى
كل المدى
كيف تتعجب من كونى ما أكون
و أنتَ الذى سوانى أنا
أنا لك لإنى لكَ خُلقت
و أنتَ من خلقنى
و كل ما غيرنا صدى

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who's in?

Not so long ago I used to pay more attention to art in all forms, cultural exposure, gatherings of friends, travel plans, shopping, enjoying my five senses and adding colour to the lives I witness.
My priorities shifted a little over the past few months and it is time for some soul reviving activities:

1. Set my mind and time on finishing those books I started reading.

2. Read more.

3. Have a more organized calender of the happenings of the week.

4. Talk less and listen more.

5. Don't let the lack of money hold me back.

6. Engage in fruitful conversations, and only those.

7. Plan the Eid vacation ahead.

8. Write daily.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conversation I

You shouldn't be wishing me luck nor strong will,
You should be wishing me irrationalism and randomness to survive this chaotic mess I was born into.
You shouldn't be wishing me sanity, inner peace, imagination or knowledge.
You shouldn't promise me change or even the hopes for it.

All you need to say is this,
"Live and let live"
In replies of that I tell you,
"Our justice will be served when it is time to leave the mess"