Monday, December 7, 2009

Incapable of Mistakes

Does it feel the same way in your world?
This undefined relationship, where does it go?
You ask what’s wrong with me.
I realize I’m all cranky and tense because you are not giving me the attention I feel I deserve.
I realize how sick needing attention is.
I realize how sick it is to need your attention specifically.
I realize how sick all of this is.
And yes I don’t want to talk about it, and yes I feel lost and yes you are not making it easier on me with this heavy door selection policy of yours.
Why is it impossible to get this kind of security without the excessive demands on the other hand?
Why can’t you admit to yourself that I am incapable of mistakes, just like yourself.
I want to see you again, and feel like it is my first time seeing you.
I lose concentration to the extent of staring at the tap waiting for it to start pouring water on its own, to the extent of not being able to tell my toothbrush from my sister’s.
Face it,
You don’t need me.
You can fit anybody into this mold and create a whole new substitute for me in days that turn into months. I’m not built to be just another someone.
Why bother, aye?


  1. The very first comment!! I win haha!

    You know, this might be very good for you. It looks like this is where you'll admit things you generally don't..

    It is already starting, and you know what I mean.

  2. Wessam, does this remind you of something? A look and a smile at a cafe to be very specific? oh and my bursting out laughing?

  3. YeheS!! Now you can go home, and write what that smile had to say.

    Coffee, soon, girls?

  4. Very soon i hope, there seems to be a misunderstanding that needs to be cleared out, haha.

  5. just like what i feel right now :(
    i love it <3 :)