Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One More Thing Before You Hit the Quarter

Nothing is more liberating than knowing where you stand. Growing up to be the person you aspire to be. Maturing in directions and layers and depths and widths and all of that. It feels wonderful. I feel blessed.

My poison has dissolved and my light found its way back to my surface again.

I defined myself and my relationship with the elements around me with minimum influence. Art, contrary to common belief, doesn't revolve around anything but the artwork itself. It doesn't come to live through other souls but the artists' own. Artists produce for you, for nothing but your world while everything else is put on hold.

I like to believe I am blessed with an ability to relate, to communicate, to heal and to love.
Believing makes things possible, you know. It makes things happen if you try hard enough. And this, you learn too.

"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself" - Gibran.

And to my surprise, it does just that.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Making of....

The line of "based on a true story" that precedes certain art work confuses me. It kinda puts the makers in a competition with God. I love God, I love art makers but somehow, it feels like I have to make a choice while in fact, the film makers already made a choice of path with a few adjustments.

Let's review the facts:

1) The human mind is only allowed a certain amount of input, therefore, allowed only a certain amount of outputs. Examples are everywhere. Example One: Your Reality: A computer programer knows that by giving out a certain input, the output could not deviate from 10 to 100 outputs, for instance. Now imagine the input being all the things you have been subjected to till this day - which is a limited number really, if you come to think of it, the output can also never deviate from a certain number of (limited) things that this certain input allows. Example Two: Your Dreams: People dream in 3D, in 4D and maybe in 7D. However, those dreams never deviates from what your mind has seen or heard of before. It can never create something without an input that happened in your awaking. You may rob a bank using a number which your mind has the ability to imagine, that being 0000 or 74238749283579543545349535893758, regardless. However, if your brain has no desire or ability to create that number, it will not show in your dream. You might rob the bank without using a certain code, or with using one that doesn't show in your dream. But you will rob the bank. That is the outcome. There are certain paths that you may use to get there, but your brain, inside your dream, wants you to rob the bank and it made its way into it. And like it or not, there is a limited number of paths that your mind can't deviate from in order to reach its path.

2) That being said, it appears that we are in no position to be more powerful than God because God kinda programed and gave out a limited number of paths that we will not be able to deviate from, we will not even be able to try. Simply because all the other alternatives that would give out a different outcome than the one originally offered to us, as far as we know, do not exist.
By any means, we are not smarter than God. The robot can't get smarter than the programer as far as we know.

3) But you can be smarter than other robots, simply because you had a different system installed to you.
For instance, it makes no sense to me as an individual that a certain God is better, stronger or more powerful than the other (God here being a religion of some sort). Simply because we all live on this miserable planet alone and no certain God has ever been known to cure diseases instantly or save entire nations from poverty or famine. We all live in this shit hole, and no prayer was ever strong enough. It makes better sense to me that God is everything and its contrast, but we are praying the wrong prayer.
Religions are man made. A tool, like technology, like facebook, like cars and relationships. Giving it more depth than this could be counted as deviation in some cultures but could be accepted as fact in others.

4) You make up your own God and you decide on following certain paths, but your paths are in fact limited to what the programer installed in the first place. Punishment or reward seem irrelevant then. No one really knows what happens when you die. When Omar ElKhayyam was asked whether he feared death, he responded with "And why should I? It is either bliss or void afterwards."

God must be looking at us all now, un-entertained at the amount of stupidity we have managed to fill the world with. Or not looking at all, for God's work has been completed millions of years ago.

So what when you hear the line "based on a true story" I think to myself "And what isn't?