Thursday, June 9, 2011

عدى يا ليلة

قررت أقضى اليوم بين السرحان و محمود درويش و نجيب سرور و يمكن نسمع مزيكا بليل مع بعض و يمكن لأ
على كل حال، مسألتش نفسك ممكن ماهتمش بالموضوع أصلاً و لا لأ؟
ممكن فى ظل عجلة الانتاج المتوقفة و البورصة الوحشة و الانفلات الأمنى أنسى أفتكر إن أحنا هنا دلوقتى و إن أحنا بنعمل حاجة و إن العالم متوقف عليا و عليك. أنا لو نسيت للحظة، عمرى ماهفتكر تانى. لو نسيت أنت كمان لازم تنسى.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Conversation III

I am not here to question my passion,
I am here to question my reason.

Give me the space and I shall give you an outcome.
Love is patient and kind.
Love is immature and young. Decisions, however, should not be like that.
How limited!

Love is patient and kind and immature and young and everlasting and renewable and unpredictable and painful and eventual and inevitable.

You, idealistic you.
I shall wait.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am not writing letters today neither am I trying to interpret yours.
All the ink in the world has dried out and all the papers are yellowed.
Figure out past letters first....
Figure out how the world will end.

I stare into the vastness of the universe and I forget how beautiful it really is.
I stare,
Today I will not protest, I will not hold up a sign and tolerate being looked down upon.

I will not talk about what is just and what is unjust. Aren't they like what is right and what is wrong? Haven't we agreed that they do not exist?

I shall not take a walk with you and beg you to hold my hand.

I will not be the shoulder you cry upon.

I will not respond to the provocative noise of non-sense imposing itself into my bubble

Figure it out,
and maybe I will still be here.