Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Unsent Postcard

While I was touring Europe with my friends this summer I remember promising you a postcard from every place I go.
I remember keeping that promise, I remember never forgetting you for a single second while I was away. I swear i could sense you in the details of everything new I see.
I swear I could smell you while waiting for the train.
Like God and Starbucks, you were everywhere.

I went away just recently. Something about going away reminds me of you, something about being distant and alone, something about rushing everything and being tired all the time, something about seeing something new.

I couldn't have sent you a postcard this time.
You are no longer mine.
It should've read:

"I hope your choices make you happy and your analysis lead you somewhere,


  1. oh , i love it so much :(
    its painfully beautiful

  2. trUly sweet.

    A new blog! Best wishes. Will B keeping an eye open here. Feelin' a nice vibe. :)