Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Should I be doing something else, within a different setting?

The last 2 hours at the office seem to surprise me with how cold they can be and how creative I can get with excuses,
List time?
1. I need to drop someone off at the airport
2. Doctor's appointment
3. 3azza
4. Embassy's appointment
5. Government related paper work
6. The Labor Law clearly states that the public sector employees are to work 8 hours a day and not exceed 48 hours a week.
7. I think I have the Swine Flu

I care for someone's exam time
I care that someone is not eating right
I care for someone who's not happy with something with something that unexpectedly came up, ruining the "plans"

Give me a reason to stay, a theme and a worthy guy!


  1. Bliss. Bliss..and.........


  2. I don;t have anything to say but I had to say SOMETHING!