Thursday, January 28, 2010

So That You'd Understand Where I'm Coming from

If you fall in love with someone and you wake up to realize you fell in love with an image up in your head and no the actual person standing infront of you, 3adi, acceptable, love is blind and doesn't make sense most of the time.
What is not understandable is this exact experience happening with a friend, a very good friend if I may say.
The friend you thought you knew like the back of your hand, the one who's speech and action you can predict miles ahead, the one you call 8432 times a day just because you can.
What if that friend of yours did something so unbelievably out of the usual that makes you think of the person in a different light.

How can you learn to look at the person the same?
Does your relationship allow this kind of change?
Is it worth it any longer?
Are feelings controllable?

It is not about you any longer , is it now?
I need to adapt to this version I never thought you’d be.
You want the best of both worlds
I want what’s best for me.
You just don’t hit me as someone who’d drive all the way up to the middle of nowhere so that he can apologize, you don’t hit me as someone who can be manipulated that easily.
You screwed this up and now you want my sympathy!