Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hate the national soccer team, among many other things today.

I hate the security guy who claimed my Swiss knife a threat to other people’s security. Why can’t you claim sexual verbal harassment a threat to my own security as well? Everything around me is so Americanized.

I lost my identity and I undergo a thousand different identity crisis each minute I breathe, I undergo a hundred anger attacks, I undergo a million deaths when you are not around.
People frustrate me on daily basis.
I feel alone just because I care about the stuff I see significant, just because I care.

I hate white fake leather boots. I hate people not dressing for the occasion.

I hate the fact my femininity is crushed with what dicks say and do.
I will refer to the male gender as dicks until further notice. They deserve it.

I loathe stupidity, teenagers and iPhones (I have my reasons and they are very logical reasons too)

I hate my ex boyfriends, I hate the ex boyfriends I shall aquire and acid washed jeans.

I HATE UGLY HANDBAGS, people with low etiquette IQ and trashy bleach hair.

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  1. remove the question mark from the title,hun.