Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Same Old Story

You like my rebelliousness and yet you don’t me to rebel if you restrict me.
You love how free spirited I am yet you don’t want me to drift away in my own space.
You love my charisma yet you feel jealous if I talk to other people when you are around.
You love my wildness yet you want to tame me.
You love my character yet you almost always give me notes about my behavior.
You know I saved you yet you don’t want to save me.
You said you loved me the way I am yet you persist on adding your finishing touches.
You are so vain I bet you think this piece is about you.


  1. blakh... same old ending i suppose then..

    loving ur depressive book by the way.

  2. Same old story? Hard(wood)ly. I have been re-living some of my old flamers and IT REALLY IS DIFFERENT (4meaTLeastC) thiZ time around.




  3. maybe he needs time to adapt. maybe it would just take time and a little bit of patience, understanding and plain honesty so you'd blend. Vanity can sometimes be unintentional, even undesirable. just give him time and some effort - if you think he's worth it..