Monday, February 20, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

Everything is so noisy...everything.
There wasn't much to add to the day.

.....and although we talked about the weather, about destinations, about all the catching up we are to do and all that jazz... but nothing of any density,
although it was two minutes and the friction of the rails and trains was the background music to those two minutes,
although your "I miss you" was the casual one you'd use on friends and colleagues,

You felt so close.

I could see rays of sunshine playing hide and seek with your train's window, thus, your face. I could notice how your eyes weren't fixed on one spot, but kept flickering and moving around.
Everything was quiet for those two minutes...for the mere purpose of me soaking up in them.

I just knew you stared outside the window and drifted into a different realm when we hung up.

You just knew I was waiting for your voice to warm up my day.

Then everything became noisy again.

and, again, I wait...

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