Sunday, November 11, 2012

36 Things I Did While Being Unemployed

1. Traveled.
2. Moved houses.
3. Cleaned my car.
4. Read one of the most complicated books ever.
5. Wrote more regularly.
6. Decided on things.
7. Fell in love.
8. Donated some clothes.
9. Figured out my favorite ice cream flavor.
10. Saw friends off.
11. Re-defined myself with elements around me.
12. Read more poetry.
13. Translated more poetry.
14. Improved my editing skills.
15. Learned to live with being broke.
16. Drove to Mohandeseen.
17. Got over an ex.
18. Learned to stick to basis in terms of what i need out of life.
19. Decided which ones are favorites and which once are just lame.
20. Tutored someone in need.
21. Drank more.
22. Smoked more.
23. Drove less.
24. Lost weight.
25. Turned down jobs.
26. Chased jobs like they were my last hope.
27. Did make-up for a band for their video.
28. Watched all the Community there is to watch.
29. Had 2 haircuts.
30. Learned to use storage.
31. Spent more time with my family.
32. Had the time to polish my nails.
33. Made new friends.
34. Freelanced.
35. Borrowed money.
36. Made further travel plans.

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  1. I think its fair to say that number 7 is truely a lucky number !!!