Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Outcome Could Be Something of that Sort

1st Statement:

It has occurred to us that religion - with religious texts as references - are being used as an excuse to kill and implement unjustified terror in a healing society that can not endure such irresponsible acts.
We have undergone a thinking and an analytical process that is not completely free from influence but as free of it as we could.

The following has been decided,

We hereby give up on our religions as a method of practicing pressure on the extremist religious groups sending a clear message that no one will conform to a violent religion and no society we would live in should tolerate any form of terrorism whether idealogical, spiritual or physical.
Although we believe religion is a very sacred matter and shouldn't be reduced to what is common and ordinary, the current circumstances have enforced themselves upon us where unprecedented action should be taken towards that much ignorance and submission to extreme thoughts that are bizarre to our Egyptian society.

We believe violence never resolved anything.
Thus, as a reaction to all extreme religious streams, we declare going all the way to the opposite side of the spectrum.
If extremists realize they are doing more harm than good, that they are scaring people away from their religions, maybe they will come to their senses. Until then, we emphasize our right to believe as well as our right not to believe.
We hold no invitation to violence specially as initiators.

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