Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Sounded Better in my Head

At the back of your mind you know there are two of them.

X and Y.

While X goes around talking nonsense and making completely bullshit analysis, Y sees the clear picture without having to go through analysis, only a few moments of silence.
Y completely understands the limitedness of human knowledge while recognizing human power. Y often wonders about the greatness of mankind.
X recognizes the limitedness of the human race, while thinking they know everything because human knowledge is limited to what is granted to us.
Y earns, X is granted.
Y is a doer, X is a talker.
Y doesn't limit himself to pre-set judgments of people and higher forces, only to what is logical and good judging by his own standards.
X has pre-set assessments which he must conform with.
Y is responsible for X but doesn't care enough to educate.
X thinks he is responsible for Y, he even thinks he has the right to teach Y right from wrong.
Y shuts up sometimes, X talks all the time even if there is nothing useful to be said.

Human beings are a combination of both, it would've been so much easier if they weren't.
Because then we'd know who's leading and who's following.

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  1. You help me, putting things into perspective.