Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Personal and Not Twisted

I've been putting things off for the lack of my financial abilities to do them, and it stresses me out.
I've always liked to believe that money doesn't matter. And to my surprise, I found out that it actually does matter a great deal.
List time....

Things to do this month:
1) Start those French courses I've been wanting to do ever since collage.
2) Get my laptop from the PC clinic.
3) Fix my car's right mirror.
4) Treat us to this nice dinner.
5) Take Kiki out for sushi.
6) Haircut?
7) Buy a navy polo shirt.
8) Decide on ASMUN
9) Get my driving lisence back.
10) Pay for the converse I told one of my shcool friends to buy me while she is in the States.

Since my blog is something I like to keep doing I decided to ease out on the twisted personal writings and make it a bit more comprehensible to the public.

So, I signed my contract that other week and you are now looking at the Internal Legal Advisor of this place (big titles while doing little things are fun). I'm expecting my business cards to arrive anytime.
I got into 2 air-fights with 2 different friends and still need to talk to my best friend about a couple of things but can't seem to find the time.

I want to vanish into thin air.


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  2. I love you. Call me whenever!

  3. ربنا معاكي يا بنتي ف الحاجات دي كلها, بالذات المهمة رقم 4 :s
    W anyway you have achieved rakam 1 w rakam 8 already
    W hatshoufy el best friend aho w t7akki m3aha kaman !
    بس موضوع الاير-كات-فايت ده هو اللي مشكلة فعلا