Wednesday, July 7, 2010

M&A Beer Store (شركة ذات مسئولية محدودة)

This little fellow over here is more than you might think he is.
He twists and sings and flirts till you can't take all that charm at one shot.
Those brown curls soften my heart and that youthful skin heals what's left of me.

His courage, idealism and constant questioning of things keep my senses alert and my observation sharp.
His courage helps me believe in my own world more each day.

His strength multiplies to revolve around me forming this unforciable halo of tenderness and lust for life, of having the ability to try out everything and total belief that things will work out fine if we just let them be.

I am his proof of hidden forces and chemistry beyond human comprehension.

He is my proof of all things I wanted to prove existed without forcing them to be.

His lips are the sweetest wine there is to taste,
his finger stokes aganist my skin leave traces of a million stories waiting to be told.

Poems with his lips.
Sunrays with his skin.
Music with his presence.
Freedom with his love.

You get me, all that I have to offer is yours.

We just want to be happy.


  1. I am just...speechless.

    you took my by surprise with how well written this is!

  2. An LLC would be more appropriate for a small business than a joint stock company. I mean, the minimum capital for a JSC is 250,000 EGP and you need to have at least three shareholders.

  3. شركة ذات مسئولية محدودة يا فرغل يا دودة

  4. Yaaay.

    ميم و عين للمشروبات الكحولية ش.ذ.م.م.