Monday, June 7, 2010


I wear prints, all sorts of prints.
I'm very loud and I cuse often.
I lose attention easily.
I cry for very good reasons that I can't vocalize.
I talk before I think.
I'm vain.
I can't stand my family sometimes.
I get nervous break downs.
I like appreciation.
I like red nail polish.
I like sotires, listened and told all the same.
And you,
You are distant and quiet and I can do nothing about it.
You are what you say you are.
You take decisions and take them back regularly.
You speak your mind when it doesn't make sense.
You worry too much.
You think too much.
You need things told more than twice before you can actually listen or process them.
Your family gets on your nerves and you do nothing about it.
But that's ok,
All of it,
Isn't it?