Sunday, May 16, 2010

Damage Control

But what should one do to protect another aganist the routin that keeps attracting a self into what's acceptable or normal (conformity)?
what should I be doing negative to the wheels of life that keep grinding you into (form) until you shall no longer exist like I know you, like I love you.
And you?
What would you be able to do that could counter all the aggressivness the world throws at me, all the hate and repulsion.
Our weapons, are they strong enough?
Will they last long enough?
Maybe, just maybe, if you contained me and I contained you we'd make it through.
We would define ourselves within our world(s).
If you will stand next to me,
I will stand next to you.
Aganist all norms.
I promise.


  1. wow?

    what's up with us today? :P

  2. I just found your blog.. and i dunno if have the right to comment or not anyway.. i will just say that and you can delete if it doesnt make sense.. or if you think its rude..

    also i dunno if i understood or not.. but let me say this..

    Ground rule.. People act differently in different situations. they mold and change to fit the scene.. like when you sit with a boring relative is not the same as when you sit with a friend.. am i correct..

    This doesnt mean that you changed just because you acted differently.. life puts you in the most wierd situations and days and years do change how people ACT but not who they are..

    I hope this was of any good as a comment ..