Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Corruption, continued...

There has to be something wrong with a universe that allows things to happen when you don't care about them happening any longer. It is like a constant reminder that the universe doesn't revolve around you unless the people around you make you believe it does. A common misunderstanding is the very popular saying of "your mind plays tricks on you". Most of the time, this is far from true. Your mind is the only thing you try to shut up when everything else is playing tricks on you. Tricks that you like, tricks that are good for your ego. Your mind refuses. You delude yourself into believing that your mind is taking part in that freak show. It is not, you know it is not and it tortures you when you remember it. But denial works wonders. Love is a form of drug. True love is a form of denial. They both have been doing so good in the market. People with narrow definitions of the word love occupy everything that influence you as a consumer, viewer, receiver, supplier or demander. Lucky people try the potion once before it goes corrupt. Once it goes corrupt, impossible would be a small word if we try to explain the possibility of it going pure again. Love, like power, corrupts. So will any illusion that is as believable as those two. People who constantly direct your choices and actions know that very well. They know that love corrupts and they feed you love, love, love and more love until you pump love out of your ass, until you believe it makes the world go round and you start feeding it to other people yourself. A form of network marketing. They like the corrupt you. It makes their jobs easier. You are now a better consumer, viewer, receiver, supplier and demander. You make the world go round, because you are in love.


  1. LOL.. I loved the fact that you related love to "Network marketing" which reminded me of Qnet. They have a lot in common which made this blog post funny. Lets see first of all both Suck. Second of all both of them seems to be in the interest of the other party but in the end its all selfish. After reading your post ive decided i need to fix Love. but how can we Fix love? on another note lets delete love and create a new term. Lets call it Evol, in order to say that your in Evol with someone else you should meet the following criteria. 1- You do and you can live without this person despite the fact that now it looks as if its impossible. 2- No one would ever care about your own well being other than yourself but surely the spouse shows interest in your well being etc.. I would like to define Evol as "The practice love experience"... Sorry for the long comment


  2. *"The practical love experience"