Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Personal Side of Things

Strong vibes of love radiated within my soul as he grabbed my hand running towards the last police shield protecting the Tahrir Square.
As we broke that shield, the Square was ours for the upcoming 18 days.
As we broke that shield, we ran across the Square with our arms open wide for the fresh feeling of it all, our lungs were inhaling freedom.
As we broke that shield, our love multiplied in an unexplainable way.


  1. This is wonderful Menna, it really captures the mood in the Square that day. I so much prefer to hear it from those like you who were there rather than what the media tells us.

    On a lighter note, I never mentioned this but your profile photo is beautiful. :)

  2. Oh I can tell you all about the square :)
    I was there the whole 18 days. It is rather nice to know that people all over the world know what was happening to us those past few weeks.
    and thank you, the photo was taken at a red sea beach on a cloudy day!
    Loved hearing from you.