Sunday, December 26, 2010


.....that I have a new desk, I have new ambitions.
Does it start like that, you get more and you start wanting more?
even if you don't have enough for more?

.....end of year and I can honestly say that this year has been good to me.
I have a job, I am healthy, I have a wonderful person by my side, ASMUN is still going on, my friends are doing well, my family is holding on and the weather was horrible for just one week of the whole year.
Could you possibly ask for more? are not doing great, but then again I never thought they would do well.
Money can't buy you love.

......I am going away this weekend to see the sea and sleep under the sun,
I can't stop thinking about this weekend.
Can you?

Please consider bigger dreams this up-coming year.
Consider the big dream that ties your stomach in knots that only he can de-tangle,
Consider actually holding on to what you've got and not what you don't have.
Please, for the millionth time, pick your battles.
Talk to yourself more about choices and decisions, about you car maintenance and your next December, talk to yourself more about intentions beyond actions, about inconsiderate people and the considerate ones.

Please let me be in my space.
and silence, do not disturb my silence.
Please know when I am tired and when I can't take being tired any longer.

And when you read this, please consider the up-coming line
"I have never loved any one as much"


  1. Perfect, except for a few typos.
    I have forgotten who I was and I do not know who I have become. I am too scared and too lazy to find out.

    I ended up staying in and ordering Chinese yesterday. How was the turkey?

    Bas keda

  2. 2011 will be great
    i assure you

    because it should

    happy new year
    see u in ras

  3. Touchy, and deep.
    I'm confused though, have we met before? 'cause I was in ASMUN last year..

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