Monday, September 20, 2010

Just for the Sack of it

Change is inevitable,
Loved ones die, the perfect job, your career path, political stance, religious stance, social circle, best friend, favorite songs, mobile phone, favorite jeans, weather, homes, blood, favorite food, how fast you type, inspiration, the impossible, fashion, traffic, prespetives, feelings, money, your lighter, your wallet, the handbag you don't go without, markets, stocks, laws, shoe size, bra size, pants size, your whole size, pets, news, favorite candel scent, civilizations, races, how food tastes like, how you like your tea, how you like your eggs, babies are born, batteries die, trees grow, trees are cut down, cars break down, new cars are bought, files are misplaced, new files are made, boss is replaced, you hate the sun, you crave the sun, you hate people, you like them again, you are mainstream, you are individual......

الإنسان إبن الكلب ده
جاب الثوابت و المُسلمات و الإستموات على مجرد إعتقاد منين؟


  1. change is what you make out of it.

  2. Agree. As the (bastardized) adage goes, change is the constant.

    Though how I like my egg remains the same. Fried, crisp on the edges, but the yolk barely touched.