Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just to Catch a Flame...

I didn't take the day off. I am reporting for home. But then again I didn't have to drive all the way to down town or pay 10 pounds for parking my car.
I haven't been able to concentrate enough to read or write or research.
I wake up everyday.....well....not wanting to wake up.
There's that memory that persists. It makes everything else seem not enough.
That mold you are pored into isn't the end, it is a mean. How about different means, how about different plans and different needs.
Can one night on the sea shore make you less of a materialistic pig and more of a soul?
Please realize how insignificant we are.
We are just a moment in time.
No one cares what we do and where we've been.
and in that I find the biggest relief.
I find a different version of what makes me happy.
You make me peaceful ( I know how shocking that might sound)
You are you.
I am me.
It makes perfect sense.
Am i jinxing it?

You pump music thought my veins.
You float and I dwell around you in hopes of catching your scent or your tone of voice.
It's your heaven I believe in.
It's our Utopia
And I wouldn't dare to think of something outside that phase am in.
You are whole.
I am whole.
We don't leave spaces to be filled.

Something- The Beatles.


  1. words will feel better when they last for a lifetime